About Us

T I C K I N T O R Q U E 
The ticking movement of a clock.
A moment in time.

Founded in March 2013, our obsession in discovering quirky and exclusive watches ignited the initiation of our webstore. Tickintorque thus, became the brainchild of 2 girls that brings happiness to people through the rarest vintage. Each watch presented on Tickintorque are hand picked with love and we promise only to deliver products that uphold our passion. With great efforts, Tickintorque eventually developed into a humble online store that sells a huge range of watches. 

Moving on from our usual style of watches, we started manufacturing our own brand since the beginning of 2014 in efforts to deliver distinctive and unique watches to our customers. Today, we are proud to present three self manufactured timepieces (namely Rå, Grayson Series & The Walter Series) which are suitable for all occasion. We certainly anticipate many more creations in the future. 

Follow us in this journey as we continue to strive in pursuing our passion, and we hope you enjoyed your shopping experience with us!

With Love, 


"Each watch tells its own story from the past, and awaits what the future holds for them." 

- TickInTorque